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Corporate portal

Portal - is complex solution created for a certain company based on the Internet.

Our company develops portals as for our own needs and as for our clients. We do not limit ourselves only with development. We carry out comprehensive support, scaling and promotion.

Corporate portalCorporate portal allows to organize the work of the company effective and qualified and this search, organization and storage of information. Moreover, all actions can be and internally, and externally, what lets to conduct business without borders.


In order to create such portal do not need to abandon the existing information structure, it only need to be rationally reorganized. The introduction of a corporate portal is a gradual process. The most important stage is analytics and design of framework - a basis on which will further expand the functionality, services and much more.

This will allow any companies to move towards to corporate portal creation with relatively low costs. Of course the next steps may require capital investments, but by extending them for example, on 2 years, you can create a powerful project for the development of a corporate portal.

Lets return to the nucleus, framework just it, posted in the Internet and flexibly consolidating diverse structures can help to create an ensemble whole and a sense of community. And this way to own corporate information network is the most innovative technologies for leading to successful business.


The main functions of a corporate portal:

  1. Management of document flow system for staff, where by document creation you can fully follow up its line and at any time return to any point. 
  2. System of internal messaging. In other words it is delivery of office announcements inside and outside the company using all modern technologies, including mobile systems, sms, etc. 
  3. Notification of employees about events in the company, conducting interviews, contact on the working places. 
  4. A single database for the entire company, for all its needs and directions. This will enable all staff to centrally run with it. 
  5. Conferences, consultations and negotiations within the company by using an internet conferences, video conferences, as well as actions to discuss the documents in the system of electronic document flow. 
  6. Morphological search engine allowing you quickly and efficiently search for interesting data, products, services and information about personnel and company affairs. 
  7. Tiered system of access restriction with diverse groups with the possibility of maximum isolation from each other in need of different employees. 
  8. Transmission of information to customers, partners, dealers, VIP. 
  9. Integration and consolidation of disparate systems into a single information network.

Technical details:

We were solving complex tasks, videlicet: work with hundreds of thousands of database records, hundreds of thousands of hits a day to the resource. Our specialists regularly participate in activities that are conducted to study the high loads. 

No less important from a technical point of view an issue of distributed load, when a corporate portal can be stored on two or even four servers, each of which solves your problem, but among them all conducts effectively synchronization.


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