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Flash and presentations

One of the services that we offer is a development and creation of Flash-presentations.

Multimedia presentations

Multimedia presentation for today acquires big scope of applications and is becoming very popular. Only a short list of applications is: exhibitions, presentations, seminars, business meetings, and direct mailing of marketing materials.

The presentation which is based on multimedia technologies is much more expressive in front of your customers than a paper equivalent and at that it is not limited by circulation and high cost of booklet, because print of some VIP-booklets can reach 25 USD for an instance, even with large print circulation.

Let's analyze what is the presentation?

The presentation in a rapidly changing media world of today is the most effective form of provision of information, because there are so many flyers, brochures, leaflets and other things that hardly anyone pays attention to them and do not have time to read them.

A qualitative presentation immediately positions the company favorably and creates a positive image unobtrusive. It can be interactive and directly depends from actions of man who watch it.

Let's emphasize the main advantages of multimedia presentations:

  • attractive and effective animation;
  • soundtrack;
  • special effects, created on the basis of 3D-technologies.

The principle of multi-media presentation

Contains information about the company, product or service. Depending from its type an information can be transmitted in the form of an animated movie, to have additional background sections, to include video files, graphics, diagrams, charts, photo gallery. In each presentation there is a system of control and navigation to quickly move into the information structure of necessary sections. There may be the author's music, looping of professional speaker and multilingual version.

In general, multimedia presentation, based on Flash-technology, is the most interesting solution. The result will be a wonderful demonstration of the company's image and products, tools and services.

The qualification of our specialists will give into the hands of our customers a powerful marketing tool as a presentation technology based on Flash-technology.

Multimedia Cards

Multimedia Cards - perfect gift that demonstrates concern of your company about your customers. In such card may be greeting, mini-game, which amuse an addressee, information about new promotions and services, disguised as a greeting. In general, such technology is more interesting than a boring text e-mailing, which also may be filtered with anti spam robots. And your card, placed, for example, on your website will be available to a recipient on the link.

DVD discs with presentations

Today is very popular to create a disk that contains price lists, catalogs, reference information, presentations, auction tools, instructions for the products that have already bought the client and the description of innovations and also bonus software. We have extensive experience in the manufacturing of discs.

Games development, mini-games and flash-games

Very popular now is a niche of mini-games for companies (except that they are placed on your website and entertain your clients). Such game, launched in the Internet, will attract to your website more visitors, which will create increasing traffic to the website or Internet resource. We can say even more mini-games even are embedded in the flesh-banners.

Flash websites:

The site can be fully established on the Flash-technology. By the way, to avoid the problems described in the drawbacks below, you can create two versions of website - the Flash and the classic version.

Advantage of websites and internet projects created by Flash:

1. In general, Flash website looks more presentable. 

If your choice is a promo site or a website, which represents a product or service that you want to move on the market, the choice in favor of Flash website is evident.

2. Flash website is more effective. 

Exactly on Flash website moving and flashing images are not tasteless and additional by the professional music is able to make acquaintance with a new product or service much more attractive.

3. Flash website is no longer just a video clip.

Modern Flash website is not just a video clip, which translates once programmed there information. Yes, earlier the unlike of ordinary website was also the fact that on it could be displayed vector information, but now progress has gone further and on such website can be loaded information from the database, content management systems and etc. In other words, Flash website finally became a 100% dynamic.

A blot on the landscape:

1. Flash website is large enough.

Considering that now became the era of terabit networks, such website will still load much longer than a similar, but there is the choice - all those who are dissatisfied with the long loading on the front page of website or Internet project can be offered a choice between Flash and html version.

2. The button "Backwards" does not work in a browser.

Almost everyone likes to use this button when enters "not there". There is an opinion that this button is the second most important element after hyperlinks. Without finding it, the user will find the third most popular item: "Close the window". But not all is so sad - the interface of professionally designed Flash websites has an alternative button "Backwards". Interestingly, that the classic websites now have the dominance of AJAX technology, which, incidentally, has the same problem with the "Backwards" button.

3. The problem with search engine optimization.

There is honest truth here. Flash websites are not optimized and will not be indexed by search engines. The way out is to have all the same classic version of website.

4. Mobile facilities.

In the era of PDA's, mobile ultrathin laptops and mobile phones with the functions of computer of 4 years ago, Flash website is still not easy to download. But for those who wants to take this segment of users, we strongly recommend to create a mobile portal.


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