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AB Design develops web-projects, creative designs and flexible software products. We also provide consulting services and optimization of business processes. Startups creation is our basic area. We have created 15 innovative and exclusive startups-projects.

There are many various Internet projects of different complexity in companys portfolio.
The team of our company is a skilled staff, they are professionals with a wide experience in IT sphere and consequently we can manage any project.

If your purpose business or project development and advancement by means of the Internet so creating a site will be necessary and helpful for you.

If you want to start and promote the project, but a qualified staff is essential for this - we will help you with it.

Website Internet card

Shows your company in the Internet web by providing all the information about you and your company to all interested visitors and potential customers. In addition, developed a website - is advertising to promote your products via the Internet.

The average Internet-project

This is a higher level of your representation fulled of information. Being an image website, it has a system for management of individual sections, which enables to manage developed website without the participation of technical experts.

Multimedia website

Creating a site as advertising, informational and entertainment product. Created site characterizes your company through multimedia technologies, for example Flash.

Promo site

Being informational and entertainment project, a promo site will accelerate the promotion of your product. In fact, it offers services through multimedia technologies. Development of sites in the form of promo sites allows to advertise effectively your service or product.

Corporate website

It is created for representatives of medium-sized businesses who wishes to move confidently on the market, therefore, developing further. Website development of corporate level - is a sure way to a corporate portal, designed for large business. The main difference between the corporate website from others web projects is the availability of content management system Admin CMS 3.4.0, which enables to control completely of established site.

Corporate website development

Website development is a powerful tool in reaching new heights and goals for your company. Tasks may be different, ranging from advertising your company to comprehensive analysis and marketing researching, including the audit of your advertising campaign effectiveness. Development of corporate website gives an opportunity of deep analysis of projected investment for an internet store creation, including a catalogue of goods, services, customers informing, and partners search.

Horizontal portal

Creating websites can unite all web users where everyone has the opportunity to work with all the resources, social networks, web communities. Designed with help of WEB 2.0.

Vertical portal

Creating websites of this type - is an integrated into the corporate information system (CIS) of a company a vertical portal. For example, the integration of internet store with the system of accounting.

Electronic catalogue

You have a personal internet-catalogue, which contains the prices of goods, services, photos and a detailed Website development and interesting projects

Internet representation

Internet representation offers for clients your services. At it's creation uses such multimedia technologies as, for example, Flash.

First Internet TV in Ukraine

Covert filming of actions of visitors on your site

Workshop of startups and business projects

Creating a web service

Broadcast live, upcoming programs, archive of broadcasts, connection of viewers with television and much more. The product is fully completed. At the moment we are looking for investors for organization of TV channel.
The project will help all site owners to view visitor activity in the "video-recording" and change the site to improve sales. Unlike competitors, the cost of the service we have is only 50 UAH / month (near 6 USD). Ideal for internet stores.
The project will help the two types of investors - those who have money but have no time to implement the project and those who have a business project, but not a lot of money.
Provides services to verify the registration of trade marks in a few minutes.