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Web development

If you reached this page, you already understand what a quality website is and why you need it. So we'll tell you how works the whole process of development and creation of websites or web projects from beginning to end.

web developmentWebsite development

You call us and we come to agreement about meeting. Before the meeting is very important to complete our Brief on the development and creation of a website. 

In a personal meeting we conduct consulting and audit about a web-solution for your order and individual business. Our specialist can choose for you type of website, web-solution, calculates the cost of the work and terms of its execution.

Spelling a Terms of reference

After this phase of your project we create a comprehensive Terms of Reference, which is already prescribed all the details of the project to develop a website. It can be compared with detailed drawings of the house, which shows all the materials, technology, investments, price and terms to create websites. 

On next meeting the parties signe the terms of reference and the contract on the website creation. Depending on the complexity of the project, carry out an advance payment in the amount of 30% to 100%.

Furthermore begins the creative part

Before creation of design, our designer will get acquainted with your proposals, consider those sites that you like, draw under your leadership a block diagram website, which in future will be attached to the technical task and only then will settle down to design development. After website development the customer has the right to make changes on the colors, fonts, locations, units. As practice shows, 80% of design is taken on the first try with minimal revisions. 

Terms of reference is a very important moment in our work. It is designed to ensure that after delivering from the customer all materials and design approval till to putting website into commission we were working completely independently and you could be sure that to the specified date in the calendar plan will receive a quality product. A guidance of your company will not be disturbed with "improved" questions.

About the efficiency of resource using and proper management of business processes in our company

While the design is creating the programmer collects for you the administrative interface and configures services. If you have given us the content compiling of website, be sure that over the structure and content work professional copywriters.

Association of project

Further all work synchronizes together and creates a primary Alpha-version of the web site, which is subjected to careful testing by our experts. Here goes away 90-95% of the errors and inaccuracies. Also at this stage conducts SEO or search engine optimization, if you ordered it.

When all errors are corrected and all is set, developed website demonstrates to the customer. Then starts the process of Beta-testing, where during the interaction with the customer takes away another 5-10% inaccuracies or amendments.

As a result, in output of website development, we have fully sharpened and streamlined project. And only then it can be seen in the Internet at a general review. In other words, we do not lay out the "raw" project, without forcing customers to look for errors by himself.

And the last strokes

After full development of a website for the customer, we sign an acceptance report of work performed. We give 6 month warranty on all our products.  

Now the website is ready for progress and promotion. And we settle down to the next stage - implementation of a media plan, which goes under the additional agreement.


We do not use ready-made solutions, templates and blanks. Design and creation of each project is individual and creates exclusively for customer.

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